vrijdag 24 juni 2011


Some impressions of Madrid while on study trip with architecture students:

on the plane

Palacio Velasquez, during lunch.

Plaza Santa Anna, while sipping wine.

Fast impression of corrala while waiting for group.

corrala courtyard

Plaza Tirso de Molina, during an orange juice and cappuccino in the morning

woensdag 8 september 2010

Le lion s'envoile, ready for take-off

Blog under construction, dedicated to manual work and sketching.

At first I'll be uploading some pages with old work, but as I took up the pen & pencil again for scanning the world around me I'll post some new work as well.

To start, Monteviasco, close to Lago Maggiore in Italy, under Monte Lema. Over 1400 steps of a monkey trail lead up to this small village in the hills, once the only connection to the world. Now there is a cable car going every three hours. A view from one of the narrow streets in this very vertical place.